Hi I'm Paul and I am co-founder of Chase My Grades and Emma's husband.

It has long been Emma's passion to inspire young people to take an active interest in Science. She was a Science teacher and tutor for so long that she wanted to look at other ways to inspire the next generation of Scientific geniuses. After thinking about different ways to do it we both came up with the idea of Chase My Grades.

You see, I didn't do great at school. I didn't do terrible but I was your typical C/D borderline student. I achieved 1 A*, 4 C's and the rest D's; including Science. The problem was that when I was at school you kind of had to fend for yourself. With a little extra push and support I think I could've achieved so much more. The other issue was that I came from a single parent family where money wasn't plentiful. My mom worked really hard and provided us with everything we needed but I doubt she could've stretched to afford the price of a tutor.

With that in mind it made me think about all the other young people out there who may be in the situation I was. The point where extra help could make the difference but its just out of financial reach. This is why I wanted Chase My Grades to to be at a price point where it is accessible for everyone. Together me and Emma also wanted to make sure that quality of lessons and the standard of content isn't affected by the price. That is how the whole concept was born.

A little bit of background on me. I left school and volunteered in youth work in Stratford-on-Avon for 2 years whilst going back to college to achieve a qualification in Mentoring. This led me to go to University and study a BA in Youth Work. I worked with youth services for a while then ended up at a secondary school as a mentor. From this I studied more and became a manager of a onsite alternative provision centre. I worked in several schools in the midlands helping establish support for young people struggling in schools. I worked for the council in CAMHS to support young people in education and I went on to complete a Masters course in Applied Psychology: Behaviour in Schools and also volunteered as a school governor at a local primary school.

It was whilst working at one of these schools I met Emma. Straight away you could see her passion for Science. Emma took me to some fantastic lectures through the institute of Physics and on some crazy adventures like flying a plane she helped build with students. It was awesome to be part of this journey into the world of Science and watch as Emma inspired young people to be part of the Science world.

That brings us to today and Chase My Grades. Our aim is that one day Chase My Grades will be free to every young person. By making Chase My Grades a Community Interest Company we will strive to look for funding from companies, trusts and funding streams so that we can reach out every young person, regardless of their background. Science is at the forefront of pushing our society forward so lets help equip our next generation with the skills to do so.

I hope you enjoy our platform and join us on our journey!