Our Courses

We currently run a range of courses to suit your needs. These courses are:

1:1 Tuition

Our 1:1 tuition lasts 45 minutes and costs £30 per session for GCSE and £35 per session for A-Level. These sessions are tailored to the individual and all 3 Sciences are offered.

Small Group Tuition

Our group session every Thursday at 5:10pm-6:00pm is priced at £5 per session and payments are made via PayPal on a monthly basis. These are accessed through the live lessons page.

Online Subscription Service

Discounts are available for studying more than one subject with us, allowing you to chase those grades!

Subjects offered are GCSE and IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

1 subject £7.99 per month

any 2 subjects £17.98 £14.99 per month (only £7.49 per subject!!)

any 3 subjects £26.97 £21.99 per month (only £7.33 per subject!!)

How do I pay?

Payment is easy. For subscriptions simply head to the subscribe page, pick the package you want and click 'buy now' on the paypal button. It is that straight-forward. If you have signed up for a monthly subscription it will take payments every month on the date you sign up. Once signed up you will have instant access to your content.

For live lessons head to our live lessons page and for 1:1 tuition, send us a message and we can discuss dates, times and payment methods.

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