About Chase My Grades

What We Do

Chase my grades is a very straightforward learning platform. What we do is very simple. We provide an educational service that is more personal than online videos but is more cost effective and convenient than tutoring. We aim to provide maximum benefit to our subscribers who can actually contact their qualified and experienced teacher without being constrained to time slots and lengthy lessons.

At the start of every week we upload a video, tailored to the curriculum, that you can access at any time during that week/month. This video includes content, learning activities and revision to help you to understand and learn everything that you need to know for your science exams! At the end of every week a second video is released which addresses any queries and questions that subscribers have. This second video is available to everyone, even if you have not asked a question.

We use up to date research and best practice to make our videos as engaging and effective as possible and all are tailored specifically to cover most UK and international exam boards.

Who we are

Chase My Grades is a Community Interest Company set up by Emma and Paul Roberts. The website is designed and supported by Rob Tabberner and James Chamberlain. Our aim is to support as many young people as we can to achieve their very best grades. With the financial situation that is going on we wanted to create something that is accessible to everyone but not compromise on quality. Our videos are filmed either in our home or out at different locations to give you a varied learning experience. We use quizes, videos, practicals, demonstrations and different graphics keep every learner engaged whilst also delivering content that reaches a grade 9. We really hope you enjoy our lessons and engage with the content. If you have any questions during the lesson you can always message us using the 'ask a question' button and we will get back to you in our response videos.

If you want to know more about the people behind Chase My Grades head to our blog page where we introduce the co-founders Emma and Paul.

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