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Topic: Chase My Grades Biology 5.00-5.40 Physics 5.40-6.20 Chemistry 6.20-7.00

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Meeting ID: 829 9972 1774
Passcode: 405626

To make everything a little easier we will use the same zoom code each week.

Note- If you are studying all three sciences with us the zoom code will be the same for the whole 2 hours, otherwise just log in for the lessons you are accessing. Biology begins at 5.00, Physics at 5.40 and Chemistry at 6.20.

The zoom code will remain the same for a number of weeks for ease.  When it changes you will be notified by email.

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Lesson Worksheets

Information for before you start

What you can expect from our lessons

  • Something to get you thinking and using the knowledge you already have.
  • New content covered in an interesting way.
  • Sometimes a demo or practical to try.
  • Questions of varying difficulty to help you apply new knowledge.
  • Exam questions with detailed analysis of the mark scheme so you know how to get those marks!
  • Advice and guidance on revision activities and exam preparation.

What we expect from you

  • Adherence to our class rules (they are out in place to protect you and your learning).
  • Have all equipment handy. You don’t need a lot, a pen, notepad and calculator will be great.  If we are doing a practical activity I will let you know the week before, and even then it is optional to join in, you may just like to watch a demo.
  • You do not need to talk or put answers in the chat but it is very helpful for us if you do!
  • Enjoy yourself and relax, you will learn better!

Our group rules

  • All cameras should remain off. Only the teachers camera will be on for the lesson.
  • Microphones should stay muted unless you wish to speak, in which case use the hand up button or a note in the chat.
  • Messages may be sent in the public chat or privately to the teacher only, not other participants. No personal detail or links should be shared in the chat.  Anyone doing so will have public chat disabled.

How to access our lessons

Lessons will be held on zoom with codes being shared above.  Any pre lesson information will also be shared on here.

Please log in promptly to get as much as you can from your lesson.

We hope you enjoy our lessons, please do tell us about yourselves and what topics you have and haven’t studied so that we can help you to achieve your desired grades.

Here is an example Chemistry lesson from our subscription service

Exam Questions

Chemistry exam walkthrough video